Sweaty and Pissed

--- Leanne Morgan and Karen Nickell ---

Comedian Leanne Morgan and nurse practitioner Karen Nickell discuss the realities of menopause and the female midlife in a way that is both informative and funny.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Do You Feel Like an Alien Has Taken Over Your Body? It’s Not Sci-fi, Just Menopause

    Do you feel like an alien has taken over your body? It's not sci-fi, it's menopause. Leanne and Karen discuss the hormones that affect your body during menopause. ...


  2. Perimenopause, That Wonderful Progesterone, and Men Really Like to Do It

    Leanne and Karen discuss perimenopause, bioidentical hormones, postpartum depression and answer some important questions like, "Is Gwyneth Paltrow allowed to eat eggs anymore?" ...


  3. Welcome to Menopause: Adrenal Fatigue, Gluten Intolerance and Big Panties on a Clothes Line

    Leanne and Karen introduce themselves and begin their discussion of menopause. Topics include adrenal fatigue, gluten intolerance and big panties on a clothes line. ...


  4. Welcome to Menopause with Leanne Morgan and Karen Nickell

    Get ready for Sweaty and Pissed, where Leanne Morgan, a comedian, and Karen Nickell, a nurse practitioner, talk about menopause and more. ...