Sweaty and Pissed

--- Leanne Morgan and Karen Nickell ---

Comedian Leanne Morgan and nurse practitioner Karen Nickell discuss the realities of menopause and the female midlife in a way that is both informative and funny.
Brought to you by Leanne Morgan and Karen Nickell of Sweaty and Pissed

Latest Episodes…

  1. Listener Questions

    While Leanne is out, Karen answers a couple questions from listeners. ...


  2. Young Women Thrown Into Menopause

    Karen discusses surgical menopause in young women and Leanne provides some insight into the pursuit of passion. ...


  3. Bald, Belly Fat and Don't Do Zumba With a Butthole!

    What happens in menopause and how to help. Also, Karen tackles another question from Facebook. ...


  4. How to Talk to Doctors: Menopause and Perimenopause Edition

    Karen answers a question sent in by a listener, and Leanne knows a man in Atlanta who puts pellets in your butt. ...


  5. Will Raising Chickens Help You Sleep?

    Leanne gives interesting advice and Karen gives sound advice about how to have better sleep. ...